Interview with Elad - L'Objet

Interview with Elad - L'Objet

I first met Elad in the late 90’s in Paris, then again in Los Angeles a few years later at the time he founded L’Objet, an exquisite collection of luxurious objects, tableware, and home accessories. Each piece is created by master craftsmen in the finest materials.

‘The world does not need more product, the world needs better products.’

We both share the same philosophy and the same passion for beautiful things.

Did you wake up one morning with the idea that you wanted to make - create beautiful objects?

In Design School I studied Interior Design and when I moved to LA at the age of 22 I started working at a design firm where I got my first experience. I was very lucky to work on big projects that exposed me to the interior world and all the beautiful products from fabrics to furniture and accessories.  I felt I had ideas and aesthetic for object that I couldn’t find in the market and decided to create some pieces. 

And how long did it take you before you launched your company L'Objet?

The first capsule I made was of random tableware objects and once I started a big appetite came over me to create more, I think it was about a year after I first started when L’OBJET was born.

Tell me about launching your company, was it easy was it hard? Did you have then what it takes to be an entrepreneur? As its one thing to be creative, another to set up and run a company.

I was very young when I first started, I was 24… at the time I had no idea what it would grow to, I really just did what I love and it all happened organically in the first few year. The more I created the more excited I got and that’s when the real work began. I love what I do and I put a lot of energy and passion into it, I think its the only way this brand could have come to life, and of course a lot of hard work, long hours and many many trips all around the world to build it up.

Since my teenage years I have always been very independent and created my own businesses and ideas, I think its in my blood.

When you first started 15 years ago, did you a have a business plan, a strategy?  In your head , on paper, did you know where you wanted to be... 15 years later ?

I thought I had a plan but I kept changing the plan every six month, things were moving so fast and so did my strategy. The one guiding principle was I wanted to build a brand that works with craftsmen from around the globe to design objects, tableware and home fragrance that is of the highest quality of craft with modern sensibility. A real lifestyle brand with a full sensory experience. 

How did  you get people to know about L’Objet ? 

We positioned the brand with the best stores around the globe slowly and with a lot of purpose. It exposed us to the customers we wanted to discover our work and of course many events and PR that kept telling the story of the brand and what makes us unique in the market. Today it continues with our own website and social media platforms.

You work with craftspeople around the world, tell me more about these people, their skills, their passion, their life.

Whenever I get asked where is l’Objet made I always reply where the craft is best! I take a lot of pride in the community of artisans from around the globe that we have built over the years. Whether its porcelain , leather or metal I always search for the artisans that have an interesting story and approach to the material. Together we create objects and designs that push the boundaries of what has been done before.

Our world has changed in a matter of weeks, the Coronavirus will probably change the way we live for many years to come,  as a small business owner, tell me how it has already impacted on your business? 

I think we have not really seen the full impact and it will take some time to shape into the new normal. But for now we have gotten tighter and focusing on what’s really important , protecting the team and job security to our artisans. Since stores are all closed our only way of staying connected to our clients is online and social media and we try to keep inspiring everyone to make home the sanctuary we feel cosy and safe, surrounded by beautiful objects and home fragrance.

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