Social Responsibility

“We’re a modern day organization striving to develop and implement a business structure that fulfils the following;
Care for people, Care for planet, Re-distribution of surplus
We just happen to make beautiful clothes”
Focused on a Luxury Strategy as opposed to a Fashion Strategy, Marie France Van Damme’s products are timeless, seasonless and durable.
We encourage our followers to consume less and value what they possess. Our creations are made to be handed down from generation to generation.
Disposal fast fashion has a detrimental environmental impact.
 90% of Marie France Van Damme’s output is produced and warehoused in our headquarters in Hong Kong.
A large majority of our fabric is silk which is a natural fibre that has minimal impact on the environment when treated properly.
With a new wave of strict environmental laws in China, the best weavers and dyers use natural dyes and process excess waste properly before it returns to the environment. China produces 88% of the world’s silk. Mulberry has high carbon sequestration capabilities and requires minimal human input to maintain. 
Our suppliers are small to medium sized enterprises that value generations of tradition and practice.
We conduct internal audits of all our suppliers.
 “China produces the finest silks. France created the Jacquard Loom. Through the Silk Road, we continue to celebrate a history of nations and cultures. East Meets West, West Meets East.
Reared in Yangshao, Weaved in Lyon & Made in Hong Kong.”
 Marie France visits her suppliers in Lyon regularly where she designs and developed her silk and lurex patterns seen on signature pieces.
The dyeing mill we contract has invested in new technology such as waterless and chemical free carbon dyeing.
Lyon, known as the capital for Silk Weaving in France, has been making silks since the 1400’s for Royals and Nobles. LVMH and other staple high fashion houses have been active at acquiring facilities in France to preserve a unique heritage and know how.
Our mills have been making fabrics for the most iconic fashion houses for decades
  Marie France’s in house atelier has a team of up to 20 dedicated seamstresses that make up samples and final pieces day in day out
The average seamstress has over 30 years of experience making fine garments where many of them practiced couture techniques. Every item is cut one by one and completed by the same seamstress.
Marie France is part of the approval process for QA/QC and verifies every delivery before they are distributed internationally. Knitwear, Accessories and other larger orders are placed in Workshops within a two hour commute of the Atelier.
 We have taken various steps to reduce waste in our day to day work activities.
We replaced the lighting in our HQ with LED, reducing our electricity usage by 30% since 2016. Our pantries are fixed with water purification systems and glass bottles, highly discouraging single use plastics.
All our administrative processes are digital, reducing the use for physical paper trails saving space and a precious natural resource.
70% of our output is made and warehoused in our HQ, minimizing the need for transportation.
 We strongly believe that industry can be the leading force in a sustainable future. In 2012, we launched a Permaculture initiative in Hong Kong demonstrating how individuals can be empowered to grow organic food and minimize use of resources we take for granted in our daily endeavors. We have since hosted thousands of individuals from school trips, yoga retreats and the local community that participate in experiencing a carbon free lifestyle.
 We believe that the best path to a sustainable world is by empowering individuals and communities to create, produce and distribute their own added value goods and services. In August of 2018, we commenced an experimental farming incubator in the hills of Fujian Province, China, where we grow and process raw materials with permaculture principles into high valued products. This limits energy intensive supply chains and brings value to artisans that can benefit fully from their own craft. We aim to bring consumers closer to the source. Marie France Van Damme strives to be fully integrated having full control of it’s entire supply chain.