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Jet Set Mindset

The world's first commercial jet liner flew from London to Johannesburg on May 2nd, 1952. Flights to New York and Paris swiftly followed and the glamorous age of the Jet...

Made In Hong Kong

Marie France Van Damme is proud of the production capabilities it has built for itself in the past 30 years. With couture and tailoring facilities in-house and embroidery produced across...


Designed for every woman to look beautiful and feel confident regardless of age or shape, the Resort 2018 collection introduces a new rose print in white, gold, rose and silver;...

Beach Bridal

A simple, elegant, and feminine bridal collection designed for getting married in the sand, MFVD Beach Bridal collection is a complete wardrobe for a bride and her bridesmaids to wear...
Marie France Van Damme
Marie France Van Damme


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