Escape at Home

Escape at Home

One phrase from our new world of Covid 19, that I have already learned to hate is: “Shelter in Place “ That what you do at a bus stop ...when it’s raining. I prefer the words Cocooning or Cloistering . Why? Because they’re romantic. Being asked to stay at home is not the end of the world. Instead, try to think of it as something new and different.
When did you last have all the time in the world?

The answer, for most of us is ...never. So, Carpe that damn Diem! 
Now is the moment when you should use that silver coffee pot- that’s been sitting in a forgotten closet - together with your best porcelain – that you haven’t used since your wedding - and make your morning coffee an event exotic event. Do your makeup, wear a Caftan, play Brazilian music, and drink coffee like you’ve never drunk coffee before: slowly, extravagantly dramatically. 
Everything, for a while at least,can be a celebration because, for once...
you have all the time in the world! 
Put away your iPad and your smartphone. Turn Netflix least for an hour or two. And serve tea. Afternoon Tea. Like the British used to do in the Colonies. Make cucumber sandwiches, don’t forget to use white bread and cut off the crusts. Same for the cheese sandwiches. Spoon some strawberry jam into a small dish, bake some scones and invest some time in arranging it all. And then... you and your partner, or daughter or son can partake of tea ...and....conversation.
How retro fantastic is that. And what does it take ? 


Some tea, some cakes, some preparation and someone to talk to .

That’s all ! There’s a reason the British had an Empire !! 

An exotic dinner for two. That’s what you should have in the time of Corona. Not out!  Not at a restaurant... but at home with candles and flowers on the table and romantic lighting and should dress the part. 

The food is the easy part. Organise to have it delivered and then, only spend your time on setting the table and preparing the most exotic version of you...that you have ever prepared home !!

Pretend you are in the Orient, wear a Caftan...and if you don’t have one...order one online.Toutdesuite !!

Ok. Here is your chance to finally use the fancy China !  And all that stuff you got as wedding gifts. And the silver. Even the most expensive restaurants don’t use silver cutlery anymore. So dress  that table it has never been dressed before. 
The secret is to spend your time and effort on creating and styling the table . Flowers, silver, linen table cloth, linen serviettes ( no paper napkins...please !!!) crystal glasses in different shapes and sizes, as many candles as you can elegantly fit on the table ....and a bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket on the side. 
The food is the easy bit. Don’t Cook, don’t sweat in the kitchen, don’t shop for groceries. Just don’t !  It’s not sexy ...  it’s exhausting. Order instead, from your favourite restaurant ... takeaway. And before it is delivered make sure you have the oven pre-warmed.... Move the food into all those beautiful serving dishes you were convinced you would never use and serve in a manner a restaurant would - all beautifully and artistically arranged. What fun! . You might surprise yourself and your partner.: “Why didn’t we ever do this before?” You will ask yourself. 
 Because .... you never gave yourself the time !

So you did the dinner for two home. Big success! How do you top that ?  

There is a way. There’s always a way. It’s called imagination!  
Rather than engage in a straight repeat of “Table for Two” ....why not crank it up a notch? 
This time around add another dimension. Dress yourself with as much care, flair and attention to detail as you put into the table. The name of the game is to outdo the table. Your own table . 
It’s easy. Pick a theme. Black and White is probably the most elegant
 Go all out to “do” the  table.
And then go into overdrive on yourself - in the same colour scheme. Hair, make up, heels, perfume, a sexy black and white  Marie France Van Damme number..... POW !!
Your partner may think he ( or she ) knows what is coming but ...not this time. !
A Cosmopolitan dinner Cosplay.