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MFVD x Conspiracy Chocolate

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Discover our boutiques through the joy of chocolate.
This sweet treat is handmade with meticulous care and attention.
Each boutique location has its own flavour and design.
Experience our world one bite at a time!

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Sold in Sets of 7 Chocolate Flavors.


Dubai reflects traditional Middle Eastern cuisine and its generous approach to food. The chocolate bar combines locally grown dates, a symbol of abundance, and pistachio nuts to reflect warmth and luxury, both of which are common in the region’s desserts and pastries.

Beverly Hills

Fresh orange peel, dried in the sun to preserve its citrus notes, has been used in Beverly Hills and is paired with fruity notes of cherry. A brushstroke of gold on the chocolate’s surface pays homage to the city’s luxurious persona.


Accents of fruity cherry and smoked pineapple dance together to give Miami its unique taste – chocolate that recalls a memory of fresh pineapple charred on the grill.


The world-famous flavours of Morocco have long influenced North African and Middle Eastern cuisine with their blend of aromatic spices. In this chocolate bar, the daring combination of delicate rose with the very savoury taste of hot chili harissa celebrates the country’s distinctive ingredients.


Coconut and lemongrass are used throughout Asia but are particularly associated with the Thai kitchen. The aroma of these two ingredients used in the same chocolate creation evokes memories of Thailand’s cuisine and its generous hospitality.


Singapore’s characteristic culinary approach to combining sweet and savoury contrasts has resulted in a multitude of iconic and addictive flavours. Here, the Asian core ingredient of soy sauce is complemented by caramel to create a surprisingly delicious chocolate bar that will feel familiar to lovers of Singaporean food.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s flavour preferences are a global mish-mash and the work hard–play hard culture of the city has engendered a strong love for comfort food. This chocolate bar features notes of Hojicha (toasted matcha) and Genmaicha (toasted rice), both favourites among Hong Kong tea-lovers, which create a warm sensation that feels like home.
Ingredients Cacao beans, organic raw can sugar. 
75% Dark Chocolate, 15g. Single Origin
Soy, gluten, dairy free and vegan.