BLAISE MAUTIN | Neroli Flower

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Floral Delicate (Unisex) – Subtle and refined. A very soft and delicate beautiful fragrance. The rare Neroli flower has been a favorite fragrance of kings, queens, and emperors throughout time.

Blaise Notes: Emperor and kings loved Neroli flower which is a very delicate fragrance and extremely expensive. Perfume designers love using this extraordinary oil for its delicateness and subtility, rare and beautiful scent. The fragrance Neroli BM01 uses the Neroli flower as the main subject of the fragrance. It is fresh and really nice to have it near you at all times.

Head notes: Orange HE, Grapefruit HE, Petitgrain from Paraguay HE
Middle notes: Neroli Flower HE
Base notes: Vetiver HE, Natural Vanilla from Madagascar ABS

Blaise Mautin has created a bespoke embossed packaging envelope for his new fragrance collection, which embraces being environmentally conscious while serving as his personal message to you.

50ML Bottle