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Woody / Musky / Rich (Unisex) – Inspired by the Middle East, this exotic and rich scent lingers softly on the wearer. It is enchanting, while also being unforgettable. With its subtle appeal, the fragrance of aoud lingers inside the soul.

Blaise Notes:  Once upon a time in my younger days I was working in a very famous toy store in Paris called the Nain Bleu. At summer time princesses from the Middle East would visit then several minutes after their arrival, the store was surrounded, invaded by an extraordinary fragrance I did not know.

Several years later, when I became a perfume designer, I was on a business trip in Dubai and came across this fragrance again. I must say that I really love it. You never forget it. It is for me a reflection like a mirror of a wonderful sharing of civilization.

Aoud fragrance makes me remember the magic world of the Middle East.

Head notes: Lemon HE, Rose HE
Middle notes: Aoud (from India)
Base notes: Aoud and Sandalwood (from India)

Blaise Mautin has created a bespoke embossed packaging envelope for his new fragrance collection, which embraces being environmentally conscious while serving as his personal message to you.