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Le plaisir d’offrir – le plaisir de recevoir - se faire plaisir

This phrase is difficult to translate into English.
It means: Bring pleasure to others and yourself - the pleasure of giving - the pleasure of receiving.

I always say we eat with our eyes. If a dish is presented beautifully, the food already tastes wonderful. It is the same with a gift... the box, the ribbon, the silk paper, the hand written note.

When I see the passion in the presentation and packaging of a gift, I am “wowed”. The wow factor, the pleasure of the unboxing, the attention to detail, from the packaging to the product, is what we try to create and offer our customers.

Everyone gets excited by the sight of a beautifully packaged gift.

It should be a joy to think about giving gifts, but for many of us it is a complicated matter.

MF has curated a few boxes, ideas, suggestions, but please ask us if you have any special requests ( we offer unique customization options ) we will help you to create a beautiful selection.

If you would like us to remind you about birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, we are happy to keep an agenda for you.

Tell us what to do and we will do it!

We hope our customers will keep their boxes and re-use them, there is always a use for them.

We offer complimentary Fedex shipping, duties and all costs are included.