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Curated by MF

‘Curated by MF’ is a platform where we invite our audience to discover our friends and to showcase their wonderful products on our web site via MF Loves

I have been travelling the world for the past 40 years. On my journey, I have developed relationships with craftspeople from the Souks of Marrakesh, with traders in the bustling streets of Hong Kong and Bangkok and with small business owners from around the globe.

In a time of health crisis and economic uncertainty, as small businesses owners, we have to support one another to weather the current downturn. Let me introduce very talented friends who share my passions. They work with the finest artisans, their creations are limited, beautiful and are ethically sourced.

MF + Luis Morais

Luis Morais – Founder and Creative Director, Luis Morais

I met Luis through Elad L’Objet years ago, and we always manage to grab a quick coffee in Paris during Fashion weeks and catch up. I would fall in love with all his understated chic pieces that he would put on both arms and neck, and I would give him my wish list!

What I love about his pieces is that you can travel the world with many bracelets stacked on your wrist, black diamonds and white diamonds, it’s the only way to wear and no one will approach you to steal- grab them from you! Nowadays I only wear less conspicuous jewellery in many parts of the world.

I never miss the opportunity to see Luis in Miami now that I have opened a store in Bal Harbour, dangerous encounters!

MF speaks with Luis

MF + Jay Ahr

Jonathan Riss – Founder and Creative Director, Jay Ahr

I first met Jonathan in 2008 when discovering his beautiful store in Paris; He took me to his atelier above the store, "les petites mains" were busy making gorgeous evening dresses. Some days Jonathan is a fashion designer, other days he is an interior designer and architect, and painter and more.

He has lived in India, in Russia, in Europe, in America, he now lives in Hong Kong.

If I didn’t know him, perhaps I would not believe all of the above, but after all these years I can truly say, Jonathan is an artist.

His new passion: giving iconic bags a second life.

MF speaks with Jonathan

MF + L’Objet

Elad Yifrach - Founder and Creative Director, L’Objet

I first met Elad in the late 90’s in Paris, then again in Los Angeles a few years later at the time he founded L’Objet, an exquisite collection of luxurious objects, tableware, and home accessories. Each piece is created by master craftsmen in the finest materials.

‘The world does not need more product, the world needs better products.’

We both share the same philosophy and the same passion for beautiful things.

MF speaks with Elad

MF Private Collection

Throughout my years of travel, from Europe to the Far East, I discovered artisans who are masters of their craft. Fusing understated European elegance with dramatic Asian Aesthetics, I’ve created with these artisans products for the table, decor, food and more.

Collectibles, one of a kind pieces, niche pieces, to create an exquisite ambiance and décor.

“Collecting is a wonderful illness, it’s a beautiful incurable illness. It’s an obsession.” – Simon de Pury

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