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Lotus Arts de Vivre

It was 2003, schools were shut-down over the fear of the spread of a new virus, SARS. We escaped to Phuket for a few weeks with our friends from Hong Kong.  My girlfriend phoned Sri in Bangkok, Rolf’s son, and asked if he could courier some pieces to our home in Amanpuri to distract us from the last months spent in fear. Sri came himself, it was a joyous afternoon of tea, pastries and the discovery of the most amazing intricate pieces of jewellery and home décor. I immediately fell in love with all things Lotus Arts de Vivre. 

Today we are neighbours at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. At Christmas, when I visit my store I walk next door and admire their beautiful window displays and treat myself!

LOTUS | Snake Necklace Marie France Van Damme