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JAY AHR | Tie Dye Bleu Encre - Hermes Kelly 28

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Tie dye culture made its debut in America in the swinging sixties as a symbol of non-violence, sported by hippies protesting the Vietnam war. It was a
tribal statement. If you wore tie dye you stood for something. Jay Ahr runs with this sentiment with the vibrant colours and psychedelic designs of the tie dye collection expertly executed in embroidery.

This bag is a vintage Hermès Kelly 28 in Bleu Encre, Box Calf leather. Featuring round top handles and
a foldover top with twist-lock closure. Detailed with gold plated hardware it comes with a detachable clochette with two encased keys and a padlock. The
smooth Box Calf leather gives a glossy finish yet firm hold creating the structural lines synonymous with the Sellier.

The Tie Dye collection is paired with Jay Ahr’s tongue-in-cheek twist on the Hermès Twilly, in a matching tie dye pattern.

Model: Kelly Sellier
Size: 28cm
Condition: Pristine
Provenance: Japan
Year: 1987
Composition: Yarn embroidery & Box Calf leather
Hardware: Gold plated Detachable clochette with two encased keys and padlock
Other:Silk Twilly