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JAY AHR | Geometric Act I - Hermes Kelly 28

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Geometric shapes and symmetry in art, design
and architecture has been implemented by many different cultures spanning the ages. The precision, balance and repetition of geometric shapes that are distinctly man-made, popularised in modern abstract art, can also be found in the art of the ancients. As
a symbol, the square represents structure, balance, logic as well as the laws of nature as they exist in the in the physical realm, providing us with a sense of predictability and security.

This piece is inspired by the vibrant and futuristic work of Verner Panton that defined much of the 1960s aesthetic but remains just as relevant and influential today.

This bag is a vintage Hermès Kelly Sellier 28 casted in Bleu Saphir, first produced in 1994. Detailed
with gold hardware, it comes with a detachable clochette with two encased keys and a padlock. The bag stands tall on protective feet and is carried by

a single padded top handle. The smooth box calf leather gives a glossy finish yet firm hold creating the structural lines synonymous with the Sellier.

Model: Kelly Sellier 
Size: 28cm
Condition: Pristine
Provenance: London, UK 
Year: 1994
Composition: Yarn embroidery & Box Calf leather
Hardware: Gold plated Detachable clochette with encased keys and padlock
Other: Silk Twilly