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Indigo is both an ancient dye and colour. A naturally occuring pigment that has been cultivated since antiquity, with the earliest known cultivation being 4,000 BC in Peru.The dye is named after India which was the source during Roman times, and has been found in many diverse cultures all over the world, presenting a myriad of styles and inspirations for Jay Ahr’s designs. This particular design, has been inspired by ‘Shibori’ - one of the oldest indigo dye techniques in Japan, dating from at least the 8th century.This bag is a vintage Hermès Kelly Retourné 28 casted in the classic Noir, first produced in 1993. Detailed with gold hardware. The bag stands tall on protective feet and is carried by a single padded top handle. The smooth box calf leather gives a glossy finish yet firm hold creating the structural lines.


Model: Kelly Retourné
Size: 28cm
Condition: Pristine
Provenance: Tokyo, Japan
Year: 1993
Composition: Yarn embroidery & Box Calf leather
Hardware: Gold plated
Other: Silk Twilly
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ref | HRSJR105