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Blaise Mautin

When you walk into the Park Hyatt Hotel in Paris, there is a scent in the lobby that is just …unforgettable. 

The first time I smelled this warm patchouli perfume, I immediately fell in love with it. I went to the concierge desk and asked if I could buy it and he replied “Unfortunately not." A few years later, I was having lunch in the lobby of the Park Hyatt with my girlfriend Marie Christine. I told her how much I loved this scent and how it dispersed throughout the lobby and hallways of the hotel and how frustrating it was that I could not buy it. "You don’t know Blaise?" she said to me, "... Blaise Mautin", the one who created this perfume? Let me call him up and ask him to come over."

20 minutes later came in a gentleman who would become, over the years, a close friend and the one to create my Marie France Van Damme perfume and candles.

Let me introduce Blaise.