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The Art of Travelling Light

The Art of Travelling Light
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Packing can be stressful and most people are guilty of stuffing their suitcases full of items they'll never wear..."just in case". The answer is of course to think carefully about what to bring, and to buy cleverly for your break. The challenge is getting the right mix - so buy things that slide perfectly from day to night, items that can be dressed up or pared down.

'You don't want to be overdressed and look silly when going out at night for dinner or cocktails, but then you need to know that in Hong Kong people always dress up'.

Pack a little silk dress that can be worn out to lunch in Central, wear with a pair of flat shoes, and wear the very same dress at night with very high heels, accessorized with necklaces or bracelets.

Investing in quality material is a must, silks, cashmeres and luxurious jersey, all hold their shape if packed well and can be hand washed and easily worn again and again during your trip.

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