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Concorde, Jet of the JET SET 70’s

Concorde, Jet of the JET SET 70’s
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Concorde, Jet of the JET SET 70’s 


Concorde bought a chic air travel upgrade that lasted a glorious twenty seven years. From rock stars to royalty it was the new way to travel, and journey times from London to New York were cut in half. It now took just three and a half hours to cross the Atlantic. With just one hundred passengers, there was only one cabin - super first class.

Concorde was the jet of the Jet Set. Back in the 1970’s my husband thought it would be ‘so cool’ to fly Concorde…he lived in Brussels and had to travel to Hong Kong for business. He booked himself a supersonic flight from London to Singapore, the Concorde route to the Orient. He first had to fly a regular airline to London, then board a joint service Concorde plane painted British Airways on one side and Singapore Airlines on the other that took him to Singapore via Bahrain.  Then from Singapore, he took a regular flight to Bangkok, and Bangkok to Hong Kong. He landed twelve hours later than if he had taken a regular route and flights! But he would not have had la Jet Set experience, and that has no time limit… 

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