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London’s Chanel Lampposts – Romantic Legend or Urban Myth?

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‎Why the "C " of Chanel on lampposts in London?
I have been wondering for years if the Coco Chanel logo on London's lampposts had anything to do with Chanel or did it just happen to be an old City of Wesminster logo
Chanel had a romantic relationship with the Duke of Wesminster for a full decade
The legend states that the duke was so infatuated with Chanel, that as a token of his affection, all lampposts in Wesminster were embossed with her CC logo along side his W crest.
But the City of Wesminster says CC stands for City Counsel and has no relation  to Chanel
Like most.. I am a romantic... and I prefer to believe that the CC on the London lampposts are all about a great love,
Thank you Jonathan ( Jay Ahr) for the tale....
From london with love


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