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What to wear …from day to night : the holiday must pack!

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Luxe and comfort can and must go hand in hand. 1. A beautiful silk chiffon caftan is the ultimate luxe, it’s fine fabric will keep you nice and cool all day, it will be a good barrier against the sun, you can wash it by hand at night, put it on a hanger and let it dry; No need to iron it, you can wear it day after day, you will look glamorous, sexy, and you will be comfortable! 2. Pair it with a great metallic swimsuit, one you can swim with, and .. wear as a body suit at night, 3. Not to mention that you can wear your breezy caftan with a slip underneath if you are going for a serious dinner out one night. But let’s start from the beginning: We have to take the plane or train for a long destination, let’s think “First Class’’ dressing. When I was a little girl, taking the plane was like going out for a special occasion. My mother would dress up and dress me up. Everyone looked their best queuing up at the Pan Am counter. 4. My black jersey pants ,that I ‘’push’’ everyone to wear, because they look great, feel great, and wash so easily ( machine wash or hand wash) 5. Pair it with a white tank top. 6. A long ( or short ) cardigan , made of silk and modal. Not only is the cardigan super soft and feels luxurious, it also drapes amazingly well. Walk and look at yourself in a mirror… you will love the long silhouette. You can sleep in the pants for days, and they won’t make any bulges at the knees. More to come... xMF


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