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I just love to sleep in the morning, I don’t want to leave my bed. So I have mastered the perfect ‘’wake up’’; it takes me less than 5 minutes to get out of bed, take a shower, put on foundation, lip stick and mascara, throw on a dress, tie my hair, get into my car. Yes, I am lucky to have Rama who brings breakfast to my door every morning ( for those who have no ‘Rama’, ask very kindly your boyfriend or husband to prepare you a bowl of fruits , green tea, and fresh orange juice ) I get up ,pick up my tray, and bring it right back to bed; Emails are read and replied while watching the news. Then I have no choice but to finally get up again. It used to take me forever to decide what I was going to wear to work; I needed something comfortable yet chic , just in case I was meeting buyers or had to go out for lunch, or if I had to leave the office at night directly for a dinner in town; the longer I would look at my clothes and work on the different options and looks, the worse ‘’faux pas’’ I would create. Although being in the fashion business, and supposedly knowing what suits me best, it all would go wrong. That is when I decided , I would create my own collection and wardrobe: 'Throw on dresses"; no zippers, no buttons, nothing too fitted and tight, what Vogue and all fashion magazines call "effortless dressing." So easy and quick! to be chic and comfortable from 9 to 9, 24/7. photo[3]

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