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Party Season Tips: How to go from Day to Night, From Work to Party, and from Corporate to Cool in Simple Steps.

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The festive party season is in full swing but save yourself some stress by effortlessly switching from corporate to chic. The art of transforming daywear into elegant party wear isn’t easy, but if you can master it then it will make life a lot easier. Few people have the time to nip back home from the office to get ready for a festive bash, Instead think about buying statement pieces that can be dressed down or up with a few key accessories.
Look 1 – Daytime in the Office What You Will Need: A Black Cami Dress Knee-high suede or leather boots (flat or small heel)
Smart cardigan
Big tote bag
Jewellery: Simple necklace, small diamond stud earrings,delicate bracelet and watch.
How to Pull It Off
Invest in a top quality cami dress – it is flirty, sexy, but not to revealing which means you can be comfortable and appear professional at work. Team with black opaque stockings and flat suede boots to the knees or just over the knees. Layer with a short black cardigan or a plunging v-neck. Carry a big tote as this will be where you’ll keep your clothes to change.
Look 1 - Evening Office Party
What You Will Need
A Black Cami Dress
Strappy sandals or stilettos
Sequined Cardigan
Small pouch
Jewelry: Chunky bracelets, big earrings, statement necklace, vintage watch
How To Pull It Off
Switching shoes is key to vamping up your look. Ditch the boots in your tote bag, bare your legs if you are brave , and slip on some strappy sandals or 5 inch stilettos. This is an instant game changer. Take off the plain cashmere cardigan and replace with a longer sequin one. Accessorise to suit your mood – if you want high octane glamour then opt for big earrings and chunky bracelets. If you want to tone things down wear a long black cardigan instead of the sequin one and add or subtract jewellery until you feel comfortable and have achieved your look.
Look 2 – Daytime in the Office
What You Will Need:
Black Jersey Flared Pants
White T-Shirt
Short Black Cardigan
Black Suede/Leather Ankle Boots
Big tote bag
Simple necklace, small diamond stud earrings, and delicate bracelet and watch.
How To Pull It Off
Keep things simple with some flared jersey pants and a classic white cotton t-shirt. Team with a short black silk cashmere cardigan or blazer and black suede ankle boots. Again jewellery should be minimal – distracting jewellery can make you look unprofessional and can draw the eye away when you are speaking.
Look 2 – Evening Office Party
What You Will Need
Black Jersey Flared Pants
Sparkly Sequin Tank Top
Short Black Cardigan
Strappy sandals or stilettos
Small pouch
Jewellery: Chunky bracelets, big earrings, black jet earrings, statement
long strand necklaces
How To Pull It Off
This is an even easier look to switch. Simply change tops and boost your sex appeal with some choice accessories. Chunky bracelets or long strand necklaces . The earrings will finish the look.
Top Tips:
·       Keep hair and make-up unfussy during the day. This means minimal foundation, a good moisturizer, clear lip gloss, and simple hair.
·       In the evening, for an extra glam look then add a dash of vivid red or bright pink lipstick, along with smoky eyes and tousled hair.
·       If you prefer a more elegant look on your nights out opt for strands of pearls, a slightly lower heel, and a stylish chignon.
·       Carry a sparkly or eye-catch small purse or clutch for the party, your tote – containing your daywear garments – should be checked in at the cloakroom.
·       It’s all about going from ‘flat’ to high heels; from simple jewelry, to lots of accessories, from understated make-up to glamourpuss.
·       If you feel over dressed, you can always take off a few pieces of jewellery . Cami dress, oversized plunging vneck sweater, silk cashmere cardigan long or short, sequins long cardigan, black flared jersey pants , sequin tank top, big tote bag, small pouch and sparky clutch are from Marie France Van Damme.

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