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Escape to Andaman & How to loose 10 pounds in one month

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My husband kidnapped me on our love boat, one more day in paradise, surely no one will miss me ! I came to realise the holidays are in less than 40 days and I, like many people spend Xmas/ New Year in the sun. So when I was just about to indulge in "winter" delicacies, (heavy wonderful comfort food) I was reminded, that not only am I wearing a swimsuit now and trying to look pretty for the only other person on board (my husband), in one month’s time, i'll be wearing a swimsuit in front of hundred's of people ! Again, that is one of the reason I came up with a collection of lightweight silk cover ups, one always looks sexier with just a breeze of fabric...
You could wear my one piece swimsuit that fit so tight , you look automatically 5 pounds lighter , and you should always wear our  caftan , flowy dress or pareo over it but ...from experience, no more pasta, bread, pies and cakes, no sweets for the next month. And I promise! you will loose lots of weight, drink your sorrows away. (red wine is my best friend)
Xxx from the Andaman Sea with love
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