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What is Boho Chic?

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Invent yourself. Improvise. Create. Simplicity or extravagance.
What will it be ?
What is Boho Chic?
That is all I see these days in all the glossy magazines in big bold letters.
''Boho-chic is a style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences''
As Diana Vreeland would put it : ''Take a discreet simple dress and just throw 10 fabulous necklaces over it or wear the caftan , it epitomises an exotic luxuriousness''.
Would that be boho chic or just chic?
To me ,"chic" is not something one wears, but it is something one is .. Boho chic, on the other hand ...would probably be the caftan flawy dress and 10 necklaces, Simply chic, would be the discreet simple dress, one necklace and yet...


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