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Thailand: Some like it Hot!

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If you are looking for smiles and sunshine, take a flight to Bangkok, spend 2 days in the beautiful capital, then take a short one hour flight to Phuket, where white sand beaches await you. April is a good time to run away from home for a few days, especially if it is still raining, snowing, freezing. You will be guaranteed hot weather, and blue skies. I am here now in 38C weather (100 Fahrenheit), cruising from one island to the other, heaven.
Thailand has some of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Although not situated next to the river, we love the Sukhotai Hotel, a blend of Thai and European design. The Oriental Hotel (Mandarin Group) is right on the river and is a must see; you can travel to most destinations by taxi boat from there; it is the best way to avoid traffic, which remains at all times a nightmare in this city. Lunch at the Oriental Hotel, watching the long tails boat on the Chao Phraya River is a must. Or as an afternoon break, enjoy high tea in the old wing of the Hotel.  (You should ask to visit the rooms in that part of the hotel,  I stayed in one of the suite once, it felt like being on the set of the King and I) Take a small boat and visit the klongs from the hotel pier. (Bangkok is crisscrossed with canals, just like Venice) Walk around the hotel and you will find a few interesting boutiques; but if you want the real experience, take a taxi and go to Chatuchak market, called the "Sunday market", that is open on Saturdays and Sundays . There is plenty to do in Bangkok, from going to sumptuous Palaces, to floating markets (colours and smells, from lemongrass to mangosteen to basil and mint and orchids) to eating fantastic food (if you like "hot", you are in for a threat), 2-3 days is perfect to get over your jet lag if you are coming from overseas.
Phuket: One should go to the Amanpuri Hotel on the west side, it is a beautiful most exclusive resort on Pansea beach. Or try the Surin Hotel which is the ex-Chedi ex-Pansea, which belongs to Amanresorts and which shares the same beach. You can also find  pretty smaller hotels on Surin beach, next door. You can always just visit the Amanpuri...the best time to go is around 5pm, walk to the bar, have one of those exotic cocktails, sit and relax and enjoy the sunset; paradise. Make sure to visit our boutique, which carries our latest collection.
For your husband: Amazing golf courses. The Blue Canyon offers 2x18 holes(I watched Tiger Woods win the Jonny Walker Classic there) not only is the course spectacular, but your husband can enjoy a 5 star twin caddy service, one holding the sun umbrella and the chair, one massaging his shoulders while he is waiting for his partner to hit his shot.
For you: Zen -Spas. Scrubs, massages, facials, pleasure for your sense of smell. Lemongrass, ginger, grapefruit, neroli, you come out shiny and smelling divine. The most stunning scenery is on the other side of the island. Phang Nga Bay and its limestone rocks… Krabi is only 30 mins away by boat and all the small islands around the Six Senses Ko Ya Noi Hotel ( check out the= "Hilltop suite", the view is incredible!) are spectacular ! If you like snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, in  turquoise blue water, this is to place to be. If you can rent a boat, and like us, cruise from one island to the= other, you will have the best April holiday ever. And one more thing...although most of us have full medical insurance coverage...if you want the "crème de la crème" experience when it comes to a complete medical check-up, a first class service, a private nurse taking you from one MRI machine to a colonoscopy to blood tests to everything you can or don’t want to imagine, only in a day or less...Think “Bangkok Hospitals”.(Google the  Bangkok Nursing Home) Not only do you get fantastic service and great doctors, but it is for a fraction of the price you would pay anywhere else.
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