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What to pack on that escape trip to Marrakech

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You can't leave home without one or 2 caftans for the evening; if you have never worn a caftan, Marrakech is the place to wear your first one. And never forget your chunky bracelets or multi bangles to complete the look, Adopt the "Getty look", the Elisabeth Taylor look. It's such a great look; although covered from head to toe, one looks very sexy in a caftan. And no one ever knows what you are wearing underneath…you leave it to the imagination.
Marrakech is nice and warm in the day, but gets really cold at night. You are in the desert. I never travel without a cardigan, I have a long one, that is just perfect to wear with jeans on the plane, or to wear over any dress. I even wear it over my bathing suit, as I like to hide. (this is why I created this collection, it's all about showing just the right amount of skin) This is my best travel companion. My "blanket " is my second best companion, and for this trip, perfect to throw over the long caftan at night.
Do not forget the bustier  swimsuit. Not only can you swim in it but you can wear it under your day dress or night dress or with a skirt. I personally like to be comfortable when I travel, and if I don't have to wear a bra I'm happy. The bustier is perfect for that, it holds everything in place, and you will not sweat in it. It is also a great garment to wear when you are trying on something. Souks don't have nice fitting rooms, I don't mind taking my clothes off if I am wearing a swimsuit versus bra and panties. We made the "bling bling" version which would be great for this trip, as Marrakech like most Arab countries, is all about bling.
Don't spend hours thinking what you are going to wear. You should have 10 pieces that you can mix and match and create different looks. My pieces
are so light, you can carry them all in our travel bag, on the plane, under your seat. Nothing worse than waiting for luggage that might never arrive! I would take 2 shorts dresses with me, I call them my travel dresses, my girlfriends call my dresses "shift" dresses. Throw them on, be comfortable and look perfectly could bring one pair of black stockings, and wear them with the shift dress at night, with high heels. In the day time wear them with flip flops. High heels in Marrakech is not recommended, unless you are going to stay at your hotel, and have drinks or dinner nearby. Most of the streets are cobblestones. I would take a long dress Nehru style that is somewhat transparent, that I wear with my bustier swim, and pants, either in print or solid. You can wear the Nehru dress to the pool over your swim suit, wear with the pants for lunch or dinner, wear the pants alone with a t-shirt to walk around the souks.
So we have: 2 caftans (night), one long cardigan (day-night), one blanket (day-night), one or 2 bustier swimsuits (day-night), 2 short dresses (day-night), one long dress (day-night) one pants (day-night) 2 t-shirts, one pair of black stocking, one pair of flip flops, one pair of high heel and one more...the black jersey dress with sequins, which is so comfortable, not too bling, that you can wear morning, day and night.
Bon Voyage!
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