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The Caftan

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I created a small collection of dresses, which I called "the Hostess dress" collection, for those who entertain friends at home, who want to be super comfortable and instantly chic, who do not want to go thru the trouble of what to wear with what ,something you can throw on your naked body, or even over your old and soft comfy jogging suit. I’m not sure I should call those dresses "caftans" as they are not always shaped like an old fashion caftan, but I love the word "caftan", as it reminds me of an era I wish I had known. My husband called me the other night at the office, and asked me what time I would be home to change, as we had an 8.30pm dinner party to attend. I said I would leave the office at 7.30pm , be home 15 minutes later, and we would be off to our dinner party no later than 8.05pm. My assistant, who was listening, started to laugh when he heard me. I asked him why he was laughing .. he said "do you know how many men would love to hear their wives/girlfriends say they will be ready, dressed, made up, within 20 minutes. Women need hours to get ready." Really? Do women need that long? I guess they do if they need to coordinate/merchandise, get it right … the caftan again, is the answer for a quick glamorous look.
Elisabeth Taylor wore hers at her 2 weddings, and left hundreds behind that went to auction at Christies, Yves Saint Laurent swore by them and not only designed the most beautiful ones but wore them himself in his Moorish palace in Marrakesh ( the caftan being the traditional dress of the Moroccan women). Not to mention those worn by beauties Marisa Berenson in
Henry Clarke famous pictures, Oprah Winfrey on her O magazine cover, the divine and always stylish Bianca Jagger in the 80's, or Talita Getty the 70's fashion Icon to name a few .
It is now a must have to any wardrobe for all fashionable women, of all shapes and sizes. Tall, short, skinny or big, you can wear it for breakfast ( I have one in silk cotton that I sleep with and have breakfast with and look perfectly chic) You can wear it at the beach over your bathing suit, you can wear it with fabulous big chunky jewels and heels for a dinner out, and you must wear it as the "Hostess" of your soiree….
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