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New York in Wintertime

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NY was freezing, as always in February, it took me a while selecting/packing clothes for my business trip, I wanted to travel light, but still wanted different looks for the full week. I ended up wearing the same clothes, warm, very warm and comfortable. I was hoping to be this fashionable Fashion Designer at Coterie, ( big Fashion Fair for the Trade)... that did not happen! I really don’t know who buys and enjoys all the "Fall fashion" you see in stores.There is never an opportunity to wear "pretty" warm clothes in the winter. It is so cold outside, and usually too warm inside to wear heavy weight knitted dresses on their own. I call my Fall fashion, "layers", I keep adding and taking off...starting with a white T-shirt, and putting black cashmere sweaters on top of each other...until I have so many layers, I don’t fit in my duffle coat anymore. Not a great look to go to Bergdorfs ! Our collection sits on the 6th floor, Laura the Sales Manager always has a huge smile on her face and is happy to greet you, recognises me in winter disguise. By this time, I had taken off most layers. The collection looks good, there are not many pieces left... Laura says the collection has sold well. She needs more! Who wants to buy sheer caftans and swimsuits in winter.. "many" she tells me ! All those running away for a week or 2 in the sun, and all those that dream to do the same, "Resort" is selling 12 months of the year,
especially the little dresses I do for all year around, perfect in the summer and great matched with a few layers of sweaters for winter, and the shimmering skirts paired with a simple tank top and big sweater are perfectly glamorous for a dinner out. Do I have new fun addresses, places and restaurants to share? Unfortunately not… all we did is work.. except for an early breakfast every day, at Sant Ambroeus on Madison between 77 and 78th, for the best fresh orange juice and latte coffee, always full of interesting early risers, Lunch at Nello’s on Madison between 62 and 63 rd for the
fashionistas of the Upper East side, and dinner at Milos, my favourite restaurant from Montreal that has the best fish and seafood that has moved to New York several years ago, on West 55th, you can never go wrong! I had time for a glass of champagne at Bergdorf’s 7th floor restaurant, and a few glass of champagnes at the Turkish Room of the Carlyle, both places are warm and cozy, just what you need after a cold day in NY. And the photo with the glass of champagne, that is taken at 9am in the new First Class lounge of Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong .. I convinced myself there isnothing better than having a mimosa before a 16 hour flight!


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