Wishing you a great Year of the Snake!

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We made the perfect triangle this season in a very pretty snake pattern to wear with the matching snake caftan… I would not normally suggest to wear print with print, but I promise, it looks great together! For those who like silver, in one silver snake pattern, for those who like gold, in one gold snake pattern and if the perfect triangle is not for you, you can wear the bustier shape, or nageur or 2 piece bandeau swimsuit.
I had lunch at Jonathan’s house, a Chinese friend of mine,a few years ago. After a few spoons of my soup he said.. "it tastes like chicken, but it’s actually snake". I almost fainted…"The Chinese always have snake soup just before winter, it keeps them warm all season" he said. Sydney, my Hawaiian friend, would go to the night markets in Taipei, to drink the blood of a snake that the vendors would decapitate in front of you. He was told the fresh blood, would make you "strong" (sexually) for weeks. I think Sydney went every month to the night market. I like to wear snake. I did not so much like the small cobra that came into my kitchen one day, nor the baby python (5 feet) that I found in my pump room behind the pool, nor the green bamboo snake I almost stepped on during our last photo shoot. As for the snakes in your life
LOVE: you can enjoy considerable luck in your love life in 2013
CAREER: this is not a year for you to take risks
Overall 2013 will be a good year for you
Famous snakes: Christie Brinkley, Elizabeth Hurley, Kim Basinger, Liv Tyler, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Jessica Parker.


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