What to Wear in Miami

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How to wear the sarong/caftan:  wear the sarong over swim suit with jewellery at the neck or lots of bangles for a boho chic look / wear the caftan over the swim suit or with a long cami to avoid any transparency. Barefoot Chic: to walk across the pool area, to the bar, out to the beach: wear a sarong with big piece of jewelry/ or a sheer caftan with bathing suit bustier.
Working girl in very hot weather outside/ very cold inside : wear a printed long cami dress with dark grey Havana flip flops, a big hat to keep away from blazing sun/ a long drapy cardigan to wear over long cami, highest sandals to give an instant chic working lady look/ or a short dress with just a little sequins.
Nightime Miami: nights can get cool / for an Art Deco look, glamorous but not overly dressed : cover up with sequins over Marcel tank top and pyjama silk satin soft pants  / or the same with cardigan and not sequins cover up for a more casual look.
Going back to the pool of the Delano: wear long lurex metallic skirt, with the same Marcel tank, barefeet, and cardigan over the shoulders.


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