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Vert de Gris is my khaki inspiration

Vert de Gris is my khaki inspiration
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The khaki collection inspiration comes from my newest ''vert de gris'' 40 cm Birkin bag. "How pathetic" my friends will say!! If you have not read ''Bringing home the Birkin'' by Michael Tonello, run and buy this really funny book, great beach holiday reading ...and it is all so true! From walking in to an Hermes store to going to the right salesperson ( never a woman ) and asking very casually about which Birkin is in the back in stock that could be yours. I was in Paris Faubourg St Honore Hermes, spotted the ''new khaki'' Birkin... a Chinese customer was admiring it. When I asked the salesman if I could see it, I was told that unfortunately, it had sold 3 seconds before. I put on a very sad face…went off to the ladies floor...and was not giving the bag a second thought until the salesman came running up to me and said "how lucky you are Madame, the khaki Birkin is yours after all!!!'s impossible to say NO to that, so I left the Hermes store a lot poorer,  with the huge orange box, but very inspired by the new colour !!

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