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Room with a view: The Caryle Hotel

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Unfortunately, I was not staying in suite 3001 during my last visit in NY; perhaps one of the prettiest suite … facing Central Park South, looking to one side ‘Downtown’, and looking to the other side ‘Uptown‘…but if one does not have the means to stay in such a great suite, the Carlyle has many nice rooms facing Central Park and Downtown, you must ask for the higher floors. My room had this beautiful Steinway grand piano, somewhat useless for a person like me with no musical talent, but oh so romantic ….I came in late on a Monday evening from Hong Kong , and was told I had just missed Woody Allen playing with the jazz band at The Café Carlyle .We love the hotel’s bars, and restaurants and especially the Turkish small intimate tea time room. The Hotel has this very chic NY upper east side residential atmosphere … and the neighbourhood …is great. Across the street , is Zitomer pharmacy. Zitomer is not your usual pharmacy, it has
an‘’impressive’’ website . if you are looking for something, almost anything ,  … you will find it there; from cosmetics to candles, to fragrances to lingerie… found great silver rollers that stick perfectly to your hair, great silver and gold toothbrushes… I actually went in to buy a ticket to the Mega jackpot 540 million dollars lottery, the biggest ever in the States . ( If you read ‘’La Liste de mes envies’’, you will understand why I cannot say if I had the winning ticket) xoxo

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