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Jet Set Mindset, Traveling the World in Style

Jet Set Mindset, Traveling the World in Style
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The world’s first commercial jet liner flew from London to Johannesburg on May 2nd, 1952. Flights to New York and Paris swiftly followed and the glamorous age of the Jet Set was born. Accessed by a small elite, jet travel became the de rigeur mode of transport, reserved for movie stars, models, royalty, sharp suited playboys and the wealthy.

环游世界的 Jet Set⻛风格

19525⽉月2⽇日,世界上⾸首⽀支商⽤用喷射客机由伦敦⻜飞往约翰内斯堡正式⾯面世,随后开往纽约和巴黎的 航线相继开通,称为Jet Set的奢华旅游⻛风格因⽽而诞⽣生。那时乘坐喷射客机旅游是名流专⽤用交通⼯工


The 50’s and 60’s Jet Set life was all about partying, traveling to exclusive and glamorous places; hip restaurants and private clubs. It was a dream lifestyle accessible only to the privileged, those who had the means to enjoy life without working. The wealthy travelled the world to attend extravagant social activities, reveling in this seductive and luxurious way of life. Picturesque Italian Ports and the French Riviera became popular celebrity hangout spots, places to see and to be seen...

2015...Very little has Changed!
在上世纪50-60年代,Jet Set 指的离不开派对,周游列国,时尚餐馆和私⼈人会所。⼀一如梦想中的⽣生 活,是那些奉⾏行享乐主义且不⽤用⼯工作的权贵名流专有的特权。他們忙于来回各地参加上流社会的活 动,陶醉于奢华享乐的⼈人⽣生。⻛风景如画的意⼤大利港⼝口和法国的⾥里维埃拉成为了名⼈人聚集的热点,他 们在那⾥里看热闹出⻛风头...


The birthplace of the modern resort, the French Riviera or Cote d’Azur, has long been a magnet for the Jet Set, thanks to its Mediterranean climate and beautiful coastline. The beaches of Pampelonne in Ramatuelle are enviable, and provide a hip hangout for today’s Jet Set crowd. While in St. Tropez, try a Tarte Tropezienne, a delicious pastry named by the woman who put St. Tropez on the map –Brigitte Bardot.
位于法国的⾥里维埃拉(Riviera)和蔚蓝海岸(Cote d’Azur),是现代式度假村的发源地,它拥有地中海⽓气候和美丽 的海岸线,因此⼀一直深得Jet Set的爱戴。在拉⻢马蒂埃勒(Ramatuelle)的庞普洛纳(Pampelonne)海滩美得教⼈人妒 忌,促成了今天 Jet Set 們聚集的时髦热点。⽽而在圣托⻉贝兹(St. Tropez),可别忘了要品尝当地驰名的圣托⻉贝兹 蛋糕 (Tropezienne Tart),这个美味的甜点是由昔⽇日把圣托⻉贝兹加到地图上的碧姬·巴铎(Brigitte Bardot)命名 的。


In the 60’s this tiny island south of the Italian mainland was catapulted into the limelight as a haven for jet- setting stars and celebrities. Sophia Loren, Armani and Valentino and numerous other celebrities were frequent visitors. Each summer, the paparazzi would set up their cameras outside the Quisisana hotel- palace on the trail of the Hollywood greats.
In the 70’s Jackie Kennedy became Jackie Onassis cruising the Greek seas in her husband’s 325-foot pleasure boat, ‘Christina O’. (Rumor says her sister Lee Radziwell, an American Socialite was going to leave her husband to marry Aristotle Onassis, but Jackie was quicker!)
Italian novelist Alberto Moravia invented the term Jet Set in 1965, meaning simply People who travel by jet.
圣托⻉贝兹(St. Tropez)

上世纪60年代,位于意⼤大利南部的这个⼩小岛渐露⻛风头,成为Jet Set明星和名⼈人的避⻛风港。索菲亚·罗 兰(Sophia Loren),阿玛尼(Armani),华伦天奴(Valentino)还有数之不尽的名⼈人都是这⾥里的常客。每 年夏天,狗仔队都带著照相机在Quisisana酒店 -搜寻皇宫外好莱坞巨星的踪影。 70年代,杰奎琳·肯尼迪(Jackie Kennedy)改嫁成为杰奎琳·奥纳⻄西斯(Jackie Onassis),她乘著丈夫 那325英尺⻓长的游艇- ‘Christina O’巡航希腊海域。(传闻她那位当时是美国社交名媛的妹妹李·拉⻬齐 维尔,本来就打算离开⾃自⼰己的丈夫嫁给亚⾥里⼠士多德·奥纳⻄西斯,但谁知杰奎琳⽐比她速度更快呢!) 意⼤大利⼩小说家阿尔⻉贝托·莫拉维亚在1965年创造了Jet Set这个专有名词,形容那些搭⻜飞机旅⾏行的⼈人。

 Capri - It all started here!

The idyllic fishing village of Portofino has been popular for centuries, however in the, it truly became a hot spot of celebrities and the rich and famous. The Spendido Hotel hosted prestigious guests that included the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Always arrive by boat at sunset and take the small shuttle from the jetty to the Spendido, where you can enjoy the best Bellini in the bar overlooking the Harbor.
⼀一切从这⾥里开始! 波托菲诺如诗似画的⽥田园⻛风光和渔村景致确实流⾏行了好⼏几个世纪,然⽽而在50年代,这⾥里才是真正的 名流富豪时常出没的社交热点。该处的Spendido酒店经常举办宾客盛会,包括温莎公爵和其夫⼈人 (the Duke and Duchess of Windsor),伊丽莎⽩白·泰勒 (Elizabeth Taylor) 和理查德·伯顿(Richard Burton)都是该处的常客。船⼀一般都在⽇日落时份到达,从码头乘搭⼩小船舶到Spendido,在那⾥里的酒 吧,你可以找到最有利的位置俯瞰⻉贝⾥里尼(Bellini)的海港。


Mykonos became the new playground for the jet-set crowd, playing host to other glamorous Jet Setters like Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot. Thanks to its proximity to the mainland, Mykonos was one of the first Greek islands to become an international travel destination. During the late '60s and early '70s, Mykonos was famed as a haunt for the rich. The island's nightlife - then and now - was a glittering whirl of colored lights, music, and parties.
⽶米科诺斯 (Mykonos)
⽶米科诺斯成为了Set Jet族的新兴园地,当中的玩家有迷⼈人的Jet Setter如格蕾丝·凯利(Grace Kelly)和 碧姬·巴铎(Brigitte Bardot)。由于它背靠⼤大陆,⽶米科诺斯顺理成章成为国际旅游中的第⼀一个必到的希 腊岛屿。在60年代后期⾄至70年代初,在⽶米科诺斯出没的都是名流和有钱⼈人。岛上的夜⽣生活 - ⽆无论过 去或现在 - 尽是五光⼗十⾊色的派对和⾳音乐。

The Hamptons Now

With beautiful sandy beaches, serene seaside villages and beautiful homes, the Hamptons plays host to today’s Jet Set who helicopter in throughout the Summer months. Wealthy celebrities, socialites, bankers, and entrepreneurs, are today’s Hamptons’ set, making it the place to see and be seen.
今⽇日的汉普顿 (The Hamptons Now) 醉⼈人的沙滩,宁静的海滨和村庄,还有美丽的房⼦子,每逢夏季,Jet Set都爱乘著直升机畅游汉普 顿。富豪名⼈人,社交名流,银⾏行家和企业家,促成了今天的汉普顿,是个看热闹出⻛风头的好去处。

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