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Escape from Haute Couture

Escape from Haute Couture
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Paris … we all feel terribly saddened by what happened in Paris a few weeks ago … friends tell me the stores, restaurants, streets are empty ! Let’s hope ‘Haute Couture week ‘ will bring back to Paris the beautiful and rich ladies, the 1000 ‘’only’’ ladies in the world that buy Haute Couture , year after year …. And it is also the week when all the Fashion industry comes to Paris from all countries to view the ‘’Pre Fall’ collections ’. Pre Fall is a new season in the Fashion calendar… something like Cruise … Cruise comes in stores in November just before Spring and Pre fall comes to store around June- July just before Fall … ( I’m not sure who wants to buy Pre- Fall in June, but my friend Jonathan from Jay Ahr says it’s a really important season for him) To me … Summer never ends… I just had to redo my entire Hong Kong store this morning, and will do the same in London on Monday; we are introducing ‘’ Spring “ or should I say we are introducing new prints, new shapes… since we do not offer warm winter coats to our customers, Fall , Winter and Pre fall are words rarely used around the office, so when I say Spring , it’s Spring because the whole industry will have Spring merchandise in store this month, We say ‘light silk cashmere sweaters’ year round, as it is always cool at night almost all over the world , even in hot summer months, We say’ heavier cashmere sweaters’ around October when the temperature drops, but then our clients are begging for ‘’Summer’’ merchandise as early as Mid -October, as they are already dreaming about their next escape in the sun! … summer never ends , The 1000 ladies will run from Chanel to Valentino, to Dior next week, ( run is not correct, I should say ‘’will be driven by their chauffeur ‘’ ) What will they do next ? Get on the plane and escape from Paris … one needs a break and relax after one week in Paris during Haute Couture!

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