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London to Paris

London to Paris
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Just sooooo busy , in the midst of opening 2 new stores, my last blog from my NY/Europe trip has not been posted yet, I am sorry for the delay! When I was 21 and decided to start  my own business in New York City, I, and others thought I was simply crazy. I didn’t know the city, I didn’t know anyone, I had no experience. I was surrounded by hard, tough people, it was called ‘7th Avenue ’.  To be precise ‘512 Seventh Avenue’. I had everything to learn. It was probably the most fascinating time in my life. All these years later, I feel like I’m starting all over again. I only wish I was 21! I arrived in London to glorious sunshine. Perhaps I am lucky, but I ever only see London under blue skies. I was there on a shopping expedition. Shopping for a shop, Yes - that's right I am hoping to open a London boutique. I have fallen in love with the most perfect space, so right now I am crossing my fingers that the landlord, agent, and lawyers will all agree with me that I need to open a store this year. My time in London was all too fleeting - though I hope to have good news that will bring me back their soon - and then I was back in Paris. The Chanel Show was an absolute highlight of my sojourn across the Channel. The décor was  amazing - particularly for someone like me, who loves supermarkets and spends the day in Wholefoods , L'Epicerie du Bon Marche, or Borough Market, Karl Lagerfeld turned the Grand Palais into a magnificent, lavish, ‘Chanel supermarket’. Every item found in a Carrefour, from bottled water to garbage bags, to fruits and vegetables, to hardwear, to …..well just everything was packaged as a Chanel product. Even the supermarket trolleys showcased the famous logo. I got carried away imagining my shelves at home, all simply and beautifully packaged in black and white. Eau de Chanel replacing the red Evian bottle. I know it sounds like I jetted into Paris just to see the Chanel show - well that kind lifestyle is for my next incarnation! I went to meet buyers and to see old friends. I was not shopping for a store, that will have to wait until the next elections! I met Jade Jagger at Coste- I adore her jewelry collection and I am thinking of asking her if she wants to do a special line for MFVD. Though
perhaps I should wait till she has given birth.
A bientot,

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