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Make Your Mark in New York

Make Your Mark in New York
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Make Your Mark in New York…And You Are A Made (Wo) man,  Mark Twain
And so to New York for another whirlwind week of work abroad. I love this place even on ordinary days but during Fashion Weeks, the energy is incredible -- the city is buzzing with fashionistas, editors and buyers. It is, of course, also a tremendous place to shop but the exciting thing for me is that this time I was there to shop….for a shop. Yes – that’s right – I can reveal to you that MFVD is considering expanding with a boutique in NY. So I have set about trying to find somewhere beautiful on Madison Avenue and the Upper East Side. But my goodness, the rents are sky high, and that is coming from someone who has lived and worked in Hong Kong for years. I absolutely fell in love with a stunning store on 69th, but I'll have to sell a lot of caftans and little dresses to secure it. I often stay at The Mercer in SoHo, it is one of the best boutique hotels in the city, converted from an amazing loft space it is full of light and its right in the middle of things - just strolling to breakfast I saw Kanye West, and I sat next to his wife Kim Kardashian a day later – we were both dining at Cipriani – I love the restaurant with its fabulous and enormous Peter Beard photographs. New Yorkers work hard but they also make sure they take time to eat - so tried some wonderful new restaurants. One of my top picks is a cools new sushi place called Neta, in the West Village on 61 West Eighth Street. The food is fabulous with exquisite presentation - a must try is the "Uni Risotto"- it is luxury on a plate. The downside is that everyone wants to go there, it is almost impossible to get a seat - unless you cry over the phone. Another place I enjoy is Balaboosta in SoHo and it serves a fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. The name means "the perfect housewife" in Yiddish - chef and owner Einat Admony has Israeli roots - and the food is delicious. It's not fancy, but it is simply, good honest fare. Highly recommended. If you are craving caffeine then San Ambroeus on Lafayette Street has the best cafe latte - or if you are on detox - the best freshly squeezed orange juice. Another good breakfast option is Balthazar on Spring Street. This french bistro has been open since 1997 and is a neighbourhood favourite. It's busy by 9am. Another great thing about staying in SoHo is the shopping, it gets better each time but you continually need a new map to move around, as different stores open each day or the old ones relocate! It sounds like all I did was eat and shop, but it really was a busy few days of work. And my next stop? London.

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