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Herbert Ypma and MFVD Celebrating Simplicity

Herbert Ypma and MFVD Celebrating Simplicity
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My collections are very personal, crafted with love and passion. I make clothes that I want to wear - stylish, chic, from beautiful materials and in simple, neutral colours. So when it comes to bringing these collections to life - in print, on screen, in a photo-shoot - I need to work with someone who understands my philosophy. For an important photo shoot, I need look no further than Herbert Ypma, the  photographer and entrepreneur behind Hip Hotels
We worked together on my book RSVP and I love collaborating with him because he knows just how to capture the right moment, the perfect light, and how to express in a photo , what I could only say with words.With RSVP I wanted to show how nice life can be with simpler things, like one flower oppose to a huge bouquet. I think his photography captured that and inspired a few of us.
We did the shoot for my new collection at my house in Hong Kong. It was one of those perfect winter days - endless blue skies, bright sunshine and full of light. The kind of day that makes you feel as if you are on holiday. The setting by the pool and on the water, the beautiful model, and of course - the clothes - added to that feeling . All my previous catalogues and mood shoots have been taken at my home - I like the setting because of this mysterious quality. We could have been shooting in Thailand,  the Cote d'Azur, or the Italian Riviera.
On such a sunny day, we knew we had to take advantage of the early morning light. The pool sparkled beautifully, we started by shooting the swimwear and caftans, before moving on the to the lifestyle pieces, which we photographed on the steps to the garden. The evening dresses we shot at the front of the house. Kimberly, the model, was wonderful but some of my dogs did their best to steal the show. Dupont and Momo both fell in love with her, while Boubou, did not, but as they all wanted to stay we included them in the shoot. Sometimes you have to be spontaneous as you can get the most wonderful images. My favourite picture from the day is one showcasing my printed caftan with full embroidery. The model is reclining on the stairs, the light on her and next to her is perfect, and the green foliage around her adds a burst of colour. It is just a very beautiful photograph and it happens to be the caftan that sold out at Bergdorf Goodman in seconds. I hope the photos from the shoot will inspire all women to see that simplicity can be so simply chic!

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