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The Perfect Sweater

The Perfect Sweater
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A girlfriend who works in the Fashion Industry, who travels the world on private planes visiting one city after another, asked me to make the
perfect sweater for ...
Her Marrakech "desert" freezing nights, for her Phuket's chilly evenings (when you are hot all day and the sun goes down you get the chills she says)
To wear under her fur coat in New York ( she can't wear her lovely fur with a bulky sweater)
For running from one department store to another in NY or London in winter (these stores are overheated)
For her Hong Kong winters ( not too cold but cold ) and summers ( freezing air con )
It would have to be in a soft silk cashmere, light weight, it would fit beautifully with everything and she could wear it almost everywhere and all the time !
Extra small model wears Large / X-Large Sweater.
Available exclusively at our IFC Store, Shop 3088.

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