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What to pack for a 30 day Work Holiday in 5 minutes?

What to pack for a 30 day Work Holiday in 5 minutes?
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Difficult...but if your closets are super and whites on one side, colors on the other, shoes properly stored / bags that you can see (don’t leave them in boxes)
It might be easier for you to pack... This summer I need to pack for many different cities. London is one way of dressing, Paris another, Knokke Le Zoute for the weekend is a completely different way of dressing, but quite similar to Montreal, then New York is more like Paris and LA...well that is a mix between London, Montreal and Paris…
First thing I always do is look at the weather forecast for the next 10 days...I always remember these places can be cool/ cold at night. Then I do a checklist. For me, the summer will be black and white...and a hint of silver!
1.Shoes and accessories, that can change any outfit. Always a pair of flats (Manolo does a chic version of the flip flops) a pair of Havaianas in dark grey (they look chic I promise you!), pumps low heel (this summer I am taking out my Celine "vintage" and my Gucci vintage) 2 high heel sandals (I fell in love with Charlotte Olympia summer sandals) and lots!! of necklaces, bracelets, earrings…not too many of the real stuff….we are travelling to Paris, thieves are on every corner street ,from Place Vendome to the other side of the Seine, watch out! And I never travel without a pair of short boots to wear with my white/black jeans. Remember you want to be comfortable, I wear my flip flops when I walk around London/Paris, but I keep my heels in my bag and put them on before I walk into the restaurant.
2. 3 bags, I always travel with the 2 smaller bags in the bigger bag, so they all arrive looking good and not crushed. I always opt for a Bottega caba in the summer, a small Hermes Birkin (32-35), a fun pouch for night, this summer will be my new Tom Ford snake bag.
3. I am testing my new 2014 collection ..lots of black and white print, leopard silver prints. From short to long dresses, I throw them on, and I am dressed in 2 seconds, all I need to do is accessorise them, but I can do that just with a good watch and a bag. (I personally think it is better to save up for months and months and buy a really good bag and watch… my first pay check, I bought the most expensive sunglasses at usd 35.00 (Nina Ricci in the 70’s) and from that day on, I bought only the best and first Kelly bag was many years later, I saved a lot more for that, I still use it all the time 30 years later!) I will take 5 day dresses and one long one for night, the day dresses can be worn at night as well. Just change bag and heels, go from pumps to high heels, from the Birkin to the pouch plus earrings and bangles.One pair of "nice pants", I have silk jogging black pants that I wear with white t shirts or white blouse, and look very "Bergdorf Goodman 7th floor lunch material." One pair of white jeans, one pair of black jeans to wear with the white t-shirts, one oversized cashmere v neck sweater and one long cardigan (all from my collection) to wear over everything! a big black shawl for the plane or the offices with air con, just roll it and leave it in your bag. I don’t think I forgot anything (except for the right undies, bras and make up bag) And don’t forget your hat!
Wishing everyone a great summer!!!
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