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Les Petites Mains

Les Petites Mains
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Some of our caftans can take up to 5 hours and more...of hand beading, one pearl at a time. It is all about passion and dedication. When a garment is completed, we are all like children, clapping our hands, excited. Most of our garments are handmade/hand embroidered with beads or sequins by ladies I have worked with for over 20 years; I often say ''what we do is Haute Couture,'' as each piece is made one by one with so much care. ''Mass garment production'' which I also do as a garment manufacturer for the Department stores, is the production of large amount of products, it's a chain production. Workers each work on one individual step, rather than having to work on a whole product from start to finish. One worker only performs one task, she or he will sew only one row of stitches on one garment 10,000 times or more... People that can cut, sew and embroider one full garment, are a very rare breed. It takes less time to produce a 10,000 piece order, than a few hundred caftans and dresses. We thought we had lost "Auntie" this last Chinese new year. We were devastated . Over 30 years of knowledge, passion and skills ...she has been teaching the younger generation this wonderful craftsmanship. She is irreplaceable. But Auntie came back after a long holiday, well deserved. She missed us as much as we missed her. This is a technique that is disappearing quickly in the West, only a few countries in the world are lucky to have the human resources willing to do it, most designers have no choice but to travel to India and China if they choose to have their garments hand embroidered. I once had to wait 12 weeks for a jacket to be made in my size, it had to be sent to India to be hand embroidered. Although I know only Haute Couture garments are still embroidered in France, it still came as a surprise for such a famous Parisian House to manufacture in India. Therefore, I should not be surprised when people say to me ''your garments are Made in China !!!?'' I patiently reply ... not only is this my home and my workplace, but I could never offer what I offer if it were not for those wonderful patient hands,
''Les petites mains'' as they are called!
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