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Iradj Moini & The Jewellery trays

Iradj Moini & The Jewellery trays
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Iradj Moini
There is a magazine in France called NUMERO, the fashion photo shoots are all absolutely beautiful. I’m going back 10 years ago, if not more… there were fashion photo shoots accessorised with the most beautiful pieces of jewellery, big chunky bracelets, which I fell in love with instantly. Iradj Moini was the name of the jeweller. But there was no store/location where to find them... I called the magazine who had no idea where one could buy his pieces, I looked him up, could not find anything written up on Iradj Moini,anywhere. A few summers later, I was walking down on Madison upper east side, around 86th street .. and my eyes were drawn to a window display with a big chunky necklace.. I went inside, and the owner of the shop proudly told me the piece was from this wonderful designer called Iradj Moini. At last, I had found him! I bought gorgeous pieces and they look today as amazing as they did then. Iradj Moini now has a store in New York..but he is still a very "confidential" jewellery designer, his pieces are not easy to find….
The Jewellery Trays
And this is when I started the "tray collection", I had no choice…too many pieces to be in a drawer or shelf, this was the best option, You pile the trays on top of each other ( thank you Sandra for this great idea) and you fill them up!!! Chanel, YSL, vintage pieces, Iradj, Sandra d’Auriol, and when you have too many, you get more trays...When is too many? If you get good pieces, pieces that are somewhat "timeless", you can never never have too many...Like shoes! The more the better, right!?

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