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Should iPhone or not

Should iPhone or not
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Is there anything more annoying than having dinner, with family and friends, at home or at the restaurant, and one of your dinner companion, spends his entire evening on the  'phone'… I have attended dinner parties, when each and every guest has spent more time texting… then talking to each other.
Why is that ?
When the cell phone did not exist, and that was not so long ago, did we actually sit down for dinner, and speak to each other? Yes. ( if there were no TV in the dining room, yes.) I have taken this beautiful cigar box, and have converted it to a 'telephone' box. I will have each guest deposit their mobile phones into my box, before sitting down for dinner. Since the "turn off your cell phone please", or "stop texting while I’m speaking" does not seem to be very effective, I will try this new method. And let you know!
RVSP, the book I have recently launched, it not about  "etiquette" and dinner table manners, it is about the importance of sitting together at
the dinner table. To me , it is the most pleasant time of the day, to talk about matters that concern all of us, whether it is, business, politics, arts, entertainment… "Discussion" at the dinner table played a big part in my childhood, Food was almost irrelevant. It was about sharing your views, your ideas, your hopes, your disappointments. I’m convinced that is still today, the best secret to a good marriage and happy family. It would be almost impossible to live without a cell phone. My husband bought me the iphone 5. I saw thousands of people yesterday, lining up in the streets of Hong Kong, praying that one of those iphone 5 would be theirs by the end of the day. I thought owing a Blackberry was sufficient, but I’m told life will be so much better with an iPhone and a Blackberry !!! I thought life was already quite good without one or the other!

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