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Never judge a book by its cover!

Never judge a book by its cover!
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I bought ‘50 shades of grey’ at the Miami airport to read on my way to LA. I am a black and white person, and my favourite colour is grey. I was attracted by the book cover, and the title of the book . ( yes, I know, this is quite pathetic ) I did not expect what I was about to read. The 5 hour plane ride went so fast ! I think everyone this summer, and everyone’s sister and brother, has read '50 shades of grey'! This is l’Histoire d’ 'O', 40 years later ( the movie ‘Story of O ‘came out in the 70’s, it originated from the French erotic novel published in the 50’s about love, dominance and submission, written by a woman), Although I would like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t read ‘50 shades of grey’, I’m on my way to buy ‘50 shades darker’! Did I not say I love all shades of grey!

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