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Never too late!

Never too late!
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This is a post for all ladies who like me are over 50. It was my birthday 10 days ago. I received from my husband a ‘very big silver plastic bag’ ( I was expecting/ hoping/ wishing / for a very small box) and found inside, an inflatable paddle board! I love the sea, but I don’t particularly enjoy swimming in the murky waters of Hong Kong, and I never take off my sarong or pareo, as I believe that if you don’t have an Elle Macpherson body, you should cover up. (thus, I launched my brand) My husband gave me no option, we went off  to the boat, inflated the paddle board, and there I went ( took Boubou with me, I didn’t want to do this alone). Well, this is the best exercise ever.. for the legs, abs, arms, absolutely every muscle in your body works. I recommend it to everyone on your next beach holiday, I am now a paddle board addict...and try it with our one piece body sculptor swimsuit ...people may be watching...

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