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Time for Tea

Time for Tea
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The English ceremony of Afternoon Tea dates back to the 1840s. The story says that it was a Duchess  who had the idea of asking her maid to bring all the tea making equipment to her private boudoir at 5 o'clock so that she could enjoy a cup of tea with a slice of bread and butter. The duchess found this afternoon tea such a perfect refreshment that she soon started inviting her friends to join her in her room for this new social event. And it really was more of a social event than a meal. Ladies did not go to afternoon tea gatherings to eat but to meet their friends, catch up on gossip, chat about the latest fashions and scandals, be seen in the right places among the right people and, in passing, to drink tea , Almost 200 years later, teatime ceremony is exactly the same! Just to name a few great tea rooms…
The Wolseley in London
Petersham Nurseries in Richmond ( 30 minutes from London)
The Peninsula Hotel  in Hong Kong
Bergdorf’s New York 7 th floor
Merci in Paris ( not your traditional tea room, but they have the best orange cake !)
I could go on and on and almost write a book on tea rooms, where to have tea, as I need to have my tea almost every day at around 4.30- 5pm.. it is a great 5 minute break at work, and it is a great time to meet girlfriends and catch up when travelling… and at home and on the boat.. a very enjoyable time of  day
You must try it!

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