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NY Bound! What to pack ?

NY Bound! What to pack ?
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The pilot was happy to announce a 14 hour flight, 2 hours ahead of schedule…from Hong Kong to New York. The week before, everyone was on the streets, showing off arms and legs in  27 degree weather. I checked the weather report, not sure if I read correctly … 3 degrees upon arrival…. What to pack in March - April in the States or Europe or almost anywhere in the world!: ‘’LAYERS” I start with a white T shirt, then go on to a black short cardigan, to a black longer cardigan, to black shawl/scarf or both, to a small black fur vest, and a big black short coat …over  black pants. With flat heel black leather boots ( to walk comfortably all over town ) to black suede high heel boots at night… Then take off or put on layers as the day progresses,one big bag (I carry the Birkin 40 cm) and just keep stuffing it with unwanted layers. For a 4 days visit, I carry 4 white t shirts, 1 short black cardigan, 1 long black cardigan, 2 black jeans, and 1 lady like black pants. Jewellery, fake and real, one clutch for evening. "Chic" is never an issue, with a simple black list. If you don’t like black… well then you need a serious checklist….as you will have to coordinate colour tops , bottoms, shoes and bags…Bonne chance! Although everything happens downtown these days…who doesn't love New York Upper East side xoxo

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